Elizabeth's Ephemera

                        one-of-a-kind collage for one-of-a-kind people

Elizabeth's Ephemera offers collage greeting cards, gift bags, journals and framed assemblages handmade in Yarmouth, Maine using local and global materials.

Whimsy Books, a.k.a. altered journals & sketchbooks, 2018

"I've worked with collage a lot. And there's this chance thing that happens-- you don't always control things. Why did you find this today and not this? But you've got this thing, and you make it work. It's the way life is, I suppose. Whatever happens, you deal with it." 

       --Christian Marclay




Every piece I make is one-of-a-kind. Much of the work shown on this site may have been sold and may have to be replaced by similar new designs in the future.

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